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Enabling comprehensive at-home care


Introducing TassoTM OnDemandTM

Patient-centric sampling kits for anytime, anywhere blood data.

for clinical researchers

Ensure that subjects can successfully complete clinical study protocols regardless of access to clinical trial sites.

for pharmaceutical brands

Frequently and cost-effectively monitor drug safety to keep people on the right dosage with minimal side effects.


blood (no sweat, no tears)


User Experience Matters

From convenient, painless sample collection to clinical grade blood that fits straight into standard analyzers.


virtual blood samples

Clinic visits are time consuming and inconvenient, yet virtual care can be limited. Tasso’s any time, anywhere blood collection takes virtual care to the next level.

Connected Patients

Engaged patients tend to have the best outcomes. Tasso keeps patients actively engaged and collecting every scheduled sample with an integrated digital experience.

REal-time data

To keep things under control, an analytics dashboard manages collection logistics, displays blood data and seamlessly integrates with other critical systems.


Before Tasso

Reorganize life to get to clinic

Reorganize life to get to clinic

Traumatic blood draw

Traumatic blood draw

No follow-up or feedback

No follow-up or feedback


After Tasso

Receive prompt to use sampling kit

Receive prompt to use sampling kit

Collect painless sample on-the-go

Collect painless sample on-the-go

Send to lab and receive feedback

Send to lab and receive feedback


connected for modern medicine


Integrated Digital Tools

Our next generation blood data solution uses technology to help you get the most from each blood sample.



Patients have a great experience with a painless, on-the-go kit and interactive tools to help them stay on track with protocols and engaged every time they sample.


Ease-of-use means flawless sample collection, and samples stay flawless with streamlined logistics that ensure every sample is identified, stored and processed correctly.


Integrated storage, analysis and access of blood and population data means not just identifying insights and catching problems early, but potentially predicting trends before they even start.

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Platform Adapts to many clinical needs


Need whole blood, pure plasma or dried spots?

Tasso’s interchangeable sample pods and large capillary blood volumes ensure that the right blood preparation for a large array of tests starts as soon as the sample is taken.


Clinically Validated by Independent Experts


We believe in safety and accuracy.

Using IRB-vetted protocols, we work with our partners to validate blood analytes collected via our device for biomarkers of interest.